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We like to do a lot of fun events at Tiny Sprouts and Little Sprouts! If your child does not attend on a scheduled activity day, you are more than welcome to bring your child for that event. If it is a field trip you must attend the trip with your child. We will also have a sign-up sheet for parent volunteers who would like to attend any field trips. 

*The monthly activity calendars are currently posted on Door #1 and Door #3 entries. If you have questions about any of the scheduled activities, please speak with the Little Sprouts Director. 


Activity Fees

Each class that participates in activities and/or field trips will have a triannual activity fee. This fee may be different for each of the toddler or preschool classes based on the participation of the class. Also, each triannual fee may be different based on the number of activities and events scheduled.

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