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Baby Beans & Baby Sprouts

12 months- 16 months

The Baby Bean and Baby Sprouts classrooms are infants about 11-12 months of age to 16 months.  This room is really where they start becoming mobile and exploring their environment through crawling and walking. There are lots of sensory activities like bubbles and using hands and feet for lots of art work!


In these classrooms, the main goal of the teachers is to prepare your infant for their journey to being a Toddler at 16 months old. Your child will start with the same individualized care they received in the previous classroom, but will gradually work towards functioning as a group with the rest of their classmates. To achieve that goal, the teachers work on the following things:

  • Sitting in a small chair (with a tray) at mealtime to mimic sitting at a low table

  • Eating meals as a group (8:00 breakfast, 11:00 lunch, 3:00 snack)

  • Eating with bowls, plates, spoons and a sippy cup

  • Introducing cow’s milk (whole)

  • Eliminating all bottles

  • Transitioning from sleeping in a crib to sleeping on a cot (over 12 months

  • Transitioning to one nap (after lunch) a day

  • Introducing the ABC’s and numbers 1-10

  • Learning to sit at group time (even if it’s only for 2 minutes!)


Although not all of these are required, there are a few requirements necessary for your child to go the Toddler room. By the time your child is 16 months, they must be sleeping on a cot, taking one nap a day, and off bottles while at Tiny Sprouts. There are many ways to accomplish these goals and our staff will work with you to help your child achieve them on time.

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