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Teeny Beanies

The Teeny Beanie room is for infants 6 weeks to about 6 months. Your little one will spend his/her days eating, napping, playing and socializing with new friends. We will work on learning to roll, sit up, crawl, eat baby food and many other new life tasks.




The Teeny Beanie classroom is where our youngest Sprouts start out. In this classroom, everything is an individualized schedule based on your preferences and your child’s needs. Bottles and naps are given at your discretion, diapers are every 2 hours or as needed, and the Teeny Beanies are learning what life is like in the real world. Even though these are our littlest babies, we do set goals for each infant that we try to accomplish before they move to the next infant room. Some of the goals the teachers work towards with your infant are:

  • Determining a set feeding schedule, whether it be every 2,3 or 4 hours in between bottles but finding what works best for your child and meeting their hunger needs.

  • Going 2-3 hours between each nap

  • Sleeping in a crib, and helping them learn how to fall asleep on their own

  • Tummy time, holding their head up, rolling, and sitting up with and without support

  • Introducing baby food and possibly finger foods


All of this is done with parent permission and our staff are great at communicating with you about what your preferences are and what you feel is best for you child. Your child does not have to master these skills to move to the next classroom we just use them as goals to work towards.

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