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33 months to Kindergarten


Preschoolers are all about self-expression. They are eager learners with growing energy and interests. They are ready for more challenge and independence as they pursue their natural curiosity to explore and discover. In order to provide children with the foundation they will need to be successful in kindergarten, our curriculum focuses on literacy, math, science, computers, art, creative expression, large and small motor development, dramatic play, sensory, and social skills. These areas of focus provide opportunities to balance both shared and independent learning experiences. Our teachers incorporate theme-related materials, individual attention and child-engagement. At Little Sprouts our highly trained teachers prepare weekly, theme-based learning plans that respond to the stages and interests of each individual child, as well as to the group as a whole. Daily schedules and other routines help nurture your child’s trust and confidence. Preschoolers will continue to learn American Sign Language [ASL], as research shows that signing enhances language development in young children.

Curriculum Components
Language Development


  • Phonetic awareness is promoted through books, songs and activities. Literature is introduced in displays, reading and conversations.

  • Print concepts – such as letter and word recognition, and learning to track left to right and top to bottom – are illustrated and practiced.

  • Vocabulary builds as words are introduced through stories and reinforced through play.

  • Letter names, shapes and sounds are emphasized in many activities. Teachers model correct grammar and sentence structure.

Social/Emotional Development


We encourage your preschooler to:

  • Explore and discover within our secure, supportive environment

  • Identify their own feelings

  • Empathize with other’s feelings

  • Recognize the rights of others

  • Create healthy, friendly peer relationships

  • Develop means of self-expression and self-direction; and

  • Follow simple routines and rules, helping internalize a sense of structure

Physical Development


  • Vigorous exercise happens daily, both inside and outside.

  • Climbing, dancing, running, and kicking, rolling and throwing balls help develop coordination and strength.

  • A variety of toys, games and writing materials help develop fine motor skills.

Cognitive Development


We help your preschooler develop critical learning skills through:

  • Providing materials for stacking, sorting, matching, counting and one-on-one correspondence

  • Offering opportunities to practice increasingly complex problem-solving and critical thinking

  • Demonstrating the concept of cause-and-effect via scientific observations in nature; art projects and dramatic play that promote creativity and imagination

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