Records & Forms




The forms below are listed for your reference. All items with an asterisk are part of your child's enrollment paperwork and must be completed by their start date. You can download, print and return the completed forms to our office. If you do not have access to print the forms, please contact the office for assistance.




Enrollment Form*



Immunization Record*

Authorization Direct Payment Form*


Health Care Summary*
 ( Must be completed by Health Care Provider)


Parent Packet*

Non Prescription Products authorization*

Infant Intake Form*

Toddler Intake Form*



Non-prescription/Over the counter medication form



Prescription Medication Form



Babysitting authorization Form



Diabetes Care Plan(*if applicable)


Severe Allergy Care Plan (*if applicable)


Asthma Care Plan (*if applicable)

Individual Child Care Plan (*if applicable)


Vacation Request Form

Request to Add a day Form

Employment Application



FAQ's Baby/Daily Connect


Maltreatment of Minors Mandated Reporting Policy for DHS Licensed Programs