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Teeny Sprouts

6 months-12 months

The Teeny Sprouts room is where the mobile action happens. Your little one may not be mobile (rolling or crawling) when they enter this room, but more than likely they will be before they leave. This classroom is still on an individualized schedule, but as your infant gets a few months older, they will start to fall into more of a similar routine with other infants as well.  Some of the goals the teachers work towards with your infant in this room are:

  • Falling asleep independently

  • Playing independently/parallel play

  • Introducing a sippy cup

  • Introducing table food (all our foods are age appropriate for infants)

  • Mastering the pincer grip and picking up their own food

  • Taking 2 naps a day

All of this is done with parent permission and our staff are great at communicating with you about what your preferences are and what you feel is best for your child. Your child does not have to master these skills to move to the next classroom, but we use these as goals to work towards.

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