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Kinder Peas





The Kinder Pea classroom is home to our oldest 4 and 5 year-olds, who will be going to Kindergarten in the fall. We focus primarily on pre-k preparation including letter and number recognition, counting and handwriting. In the morning, children check themselves in on our sign in board, they answer the question of the day, then they begin with a handwriting activity before morning meeting begins. Throughout our day we continue working on important kindergarten skills like patterns, listening, manners, teamwork, creative arts, and dramatic play. We divide different job responsibilities and change them every day to provide the children a sense of ownership in the classroom.





We focus on creating a positive classroom environment by always using kind words, working out problems with our friends, and always having fun! Throughout the year we have lots of fun in house activities like Water Day, Bike Day, Ice Cream Day, and Movie Day. We also go on field trips to the Zoo, Bowling at Pinz, The Sea Life Aquarium at Mall of America, and a Paddle Boat Trip. In our classroom we believe that the best part of teaching is that every moment matters every day.  

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