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Pea Wees



The Pea Wee classroom is our youngest Toddler room with children sixteen months to about twenty-four months.  This classroom is where the building blocks for self-help skills and a lifelong love of learning are laid. Our day consists of many pleases and thank-yous, lots of sharing, and more hugs and hi-fives than we can handle!  We encourage independence, self-exploration and lots of sensory development. We do Morning Meetings, complete with counting, weather reporting, color and letter recognition, and lots of silly songs and stories.  We hope you have a large fridge to hang fabulous works of art on because we plan and implement loads of creative curriculum daily to help your child develop cognitively.  

Large muscle development activities are a must in our room, and we allow plenty of time to do just that with at least two opportunities to explore our playground and gym each day.  Nap time is spent on cots instead of cribs, and happens once a day, immediately following lunch.  Toddlerhood is typically a time when kids start toilet training, and this can all happen while your child is in the Pea-Wee classroom too. We can't wait for you to see all that your children are learning!

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