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Tod Pods

The Tod Pods the older toddlers and are 24-33 months of age. In the Tod Pod classroom we encourage independance and stimulate learning at each child's individual level.  The teachers model consistency, positive encouragement,  promote trust and security, and value a positive interaction in familiar surroundings. The toddler schedule is structured, academically focused, and fun. We ensure that we are meeting the individual needs of your child

   The children in the Tod Pod learn through the consistency of teachers, the routine of everyday activities and structure, and through play! Throughout our day, the Tod Pods learn through all developmental areas including language development, reading, math/science, social/emotional development,  and small/large development.  Activities are planned to enforce these areas each day. We primarily focus on using our words to communicate, following simple instructions, recognizing people and things around us, taking turns, developing a sense of humor, using our manners, toilet training, and modeling teachers when trying to be independent.  Books, puzzles, matching, and counting from 1-10 are practiced everyday in the Tod Pod classroom. We encourage putting on shoes and jackets by themselves and also start potty training with these Toddlers to help them develop their independence.  
   Each day we come in ready to explore and learn something new in many different ways! 

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